What We’re About


My name is Chris and I am the creator and founder of Seshbook. It has been my dream to bring this site to the cannabis community.

Before we begin, I have a few questions for you.

When you think about current cannabis social media apps, what comes to mind? Lots of pictures, likes, comments, shares and reposts, right? What does it all amount to though? Shouldn’t your work, passion and pictures be worth something to you? Shouldn’t you be able to share and be recognized without the worry of your profile being suspiciously shutdown out of the blue? Shouldn’t you be able to use a site without fear that your data will be sold to a shady corporation to be used nefariously?

Shouldn’t your online experience amount to something more?

Enter Seshbook

The first cannabis-related social media site dedicated to something more than just posting, liking and sharing. On the surface, Seshbook is a fully functioning social media site with all the aspects you’re familiar with: friends, posts, comments, likes, all of that, but what you’re contributing to is going to be so much more. This is the beginning of a movement away from corporate revenue generated via sales and ads and toward community and donation-based social media. Seshbook is the cannabis community’s site, it is for us to get away from the prying eyes of corporate conglomerates, with the promises of privacy and care, while using our data to drive their profits for the next quarter.

Once we fully launch you will see a crisp, clean template ready for all of your posts and photos, groups to explore, follow and participate in, and plenty of brand new users just like yourself to friend, follow and share with. Then, once you tell all of your friends and Fam how much different and better it is here on Seshbook, they will be able to ditch corporate backed sites that use you as the product and your data as their monetary source of income.


We don’t run like other social media sites, we do not see your data as information to be monetized for our gain while offering you a “free” product. All we ask for is a donation of whatever you feel is appropriate. We make it easy to donate from the ‘Thank You’ page. That’s all. We are against the typical corporate model and we are all about the community. Every donation that we receive over here will be contributed towards bettering Seshbook and bringing you more advanced features than we have today. People over profit is something we strive for everyday.

but there’s more

Once our community gets going, the real fun begins. Seshbook is all about connecting- from online to in person, to making history. Once annually, starting early 2020, meetup events will begin all across the country, wherever legal cannabis events can be held and you can meet the people you follow online and really sesh it up! And it is all leading to the release of the official

Seshbook: The Ultimate Cannabis Encyclopedia

but we’ll have more updates on that later. For now, let’s get to the Sesh!

Are you ready to be part of the community?

Are you ready to be part of cannabis history?

Let’s Go.